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Offering in-home advanced laser therapy in Edmonton, Calgary and surrounding areas.

Dog getting laser therapy

K9 Muscleworks now has a Multi Radiance ActiVet Pro laser to further help our client's wellness goal.

This safe and powerful laser provides accelerated pain relief and healing with a targeted super-pulsed laser light that stimulates cell regeneration in deep tissues.

Multi Radiance laser therapy is particularly helpful in reducing pain, inflammation and helping arthritic pets to be more active. It’s useful in managing wounds and dermatological issues including hot spots, lick granulomas and healing of surgical incisions.

Another beneficial feature of the multi radiance laser is the pre-performance conditioning it can provide to the competitive sport dog. Not only will it address any inflammation or discomfort at hand if needed but it will also increase performance by 4% and boost recovery by 300% due to the laser keeping creatine kinase levels low (no delayed onset muscle fatigue syndrome), body soreness is minimal or not present at all.

Add Laser Therapy to your Initial Consultation or Maintenance Session $30

Some of the main reasons this specific laser sets itself apart from class 4 lasers

Dog laser therapy

It’s Portable

Frequent visits to a clinic are not always time-efficient or feasible especially if required at a specific location or your dog has mobility issues.


Dog getting laser therapy

It’s Safe

There is no risk of burning tissue or cell damage. Less is more when it comes to the Activet Pro. Wavelength NOT power, determines depth of penetration. Larger doses are not necessary to derive clinical benefits.

Dog getting laser therapy

Blue Light Therapy

This light is present for greater density and power for antimicrobial treatment; helping to combat infections in wounds and on skin. Help heal hot spots, lick granulomas and post surgical incisions.

benefits of dog's getting laser therapy

Benefits of Laser Therapy:

  •  Reduce Inflammation therefore improve function and mobility of the joints.

  • Reduce and/or eliminate the formation of scar tissue

  • Increase the rate of cellular growth and repair

  • Increase blood flow

  • Accelerate healing and decrease recovery time


Laser sessions last anywhere from 3-10 minutes and typically show improvements after 3-5 sessions.


Contact me to discuss how laser therapy could help your pet live a happier and more comfortable life!


*There are some contraindications to laser therapy. Laser therapy does not substitute veterinary care*


Laser Rental

Did you know you can now rent a laser unit to use on your pet at home?

Rental lasers have been a game changer in the way we can help our animals! 

The “My Pet Laser” by Multi Radiance may be used in the comfort of your home, stress free, to treat pain, arthritis, post operation conditions, skin issues and more.


Available to be rented on a weekly or monthly basis.


Contact me for details and more information

Contact me for more information

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