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Dog getting a massage


Offering in-home dog massage serving Edmonton, Calgary and surrounding areas.

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Massage therapy involves the use of manual hand techniques to manipulate soft tissue helping to increase blood flow and relax the muscles. It is an alternative modality that can be added to your dog's preventative maintenance routine or specific injury rehab with your veterinarian's guidance. 

Massage is used to improve your dog's overall physical health and mental well-being and provides many benefits for our canine companions.

Dog massage

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Benefits include:

  • Decreased stress & anxiety

  • Improve mobility & range of motion

  • Alleviate pain & discomfort

  • Increase circulation & lymphatic flow

  • Aid in the recovery & healing process

  • Boost digestion

  • Optimize performance & reduce recovery time

  • Reduce muscle spasms and stiffness

Massage therapy may aid in the healing and recovery of diagnosed soft tissue injuries such as sprains, strains, muscle tears, tendonitis or scar tissue post surgery.

Knee injuries are one of the most common surgeries performed and post operation recovery plans as well as therapeutic stretches/exercises provided by the surgeon can be over whelming. With some help, canine massage can be a beneficial component of post operative care and recovery for your dog.

K9 Muscleworks will happily work alongside your dogs current health care team to ensure your dog is receiving the best quality care. 

*If your dog is currently being seen by a veterinarian,  a clearance letter will be required*


*Massage therapy is not a replacement for veterinary care.




Dog massage

We will go over the following:

  • Your dogs walking gait and general movement/behaviour

  • The completed intake form, History, discussion in more detail


You are 100% present during the appointment, some dogs need your support and confidence especially if they are feeling a bit nervous or anxious at first.

Your dog may initially require some extra time to settle or feel comfortable with my touch.

Massage sessions are worked on the floor and your dog can lay, sit or stand on their favourite blanket or bed. My intention is to make your dog feel comfortable in whatever position they choose while I provide bodywork for them. Positive reinforcement is encouraged, feel free to bring a licky mat, treats or snack filled toy.

Progress reports will be provided for all sessions.

*Add Laser Therapy to your Initial Consultation or Maintenance Session $30 



When end of life is eventually approaching, or a scheduled euthanasia is at hand, a comfort massage can help ease the transition from life to death. 

Massage for end of life care is comforting for the dog and the owner in many ways. Our focus here is to keep your dog comfortable, at ease and letting them keep a dignified life for as long as possible.

These sessions are available for both terminally ill and geriatric dogs.



It was suggested to me by our vet to schedule an appointment with Angie at K9 Muscleworks for our 10 year old German shepherd. At the time, he was suffering from gracilis myopathy and was having issues with his mobility. We knew he was getting close to the end of his well-lived life, but wanted to make his last summer as pain-free and enjoyable as possible. Angie came weekly to give him a massage in the comfort and familiarity of his own home. Angie’s skill, patience and love provided him some relief from pain and allowed him to move around the house more easily. I would not hesitate to recommend Angie to any pet owner. Her patience and empathy are greatly appreciated.

Janis M

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