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K9 Muscleworks offers in-home dog massage services in Edmonton, Calgary and surrounding areas.

women massaging a dog

We at K9 Muscleworks pride ourselves on offering specialized, in-home dog massage services catering to Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding areas. We believe that every dog deserves personalized attention, which is why our services are meticulously crafted to address individual needs.

Our in-home approach ensures your furry friend feels secure and relaxed in familiar surroundings. Whether your dog needs relief from muscular tension, rehabilitation support, or simply a soothing session, K9 Muscleworks is dedicated to enhancing their quality of life. 

We recognize the uniqueness of each dog, taking into account their health history, age, and specific conditions to tailor our sessions accordingly. Our gentle techniques aim to improve circulation, alleviate soreness, and promote overall wellness, all while ensuring your dog’s comfort throughout the session.

We are committed to empowering pet owners with guidance on at-home care and exercises that can support your dog's ongoing well-being. Let K9 Muscleworks be your partner in ensuring your faithful companion lives a vibrant, pain-free, and joy-filled life.

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