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*PLEASE NOTE there will be a $35 charge for cancelling your appointment within 48 hours or A NO SHOW*

Initial Consultation

First time clients:


Session includes a full history of your dog, Static and dynamic assessment, full body work, applicable stretches and home care recommendations (up to 1 hour).

 Session Report.

$90 CAD

Add Laser Therapy

$30 CAD

Maintenance Session

Returning clients:


Follow-up assessment, bodywork, applicable stretches and home care recommendations

(up to 45 mins).

 Session Report.

$70 CAD

Add Laser Therapy

$30 CAD

Puppy Session

Under 6 months of age:


Get your puppy used to being handled for regular sessions as well as any situations you may require such as grooming or veterinary care.

 (up to 20 mins)

Relieve muscle tension from "growing pains".

$30 CAD

1 on 1 Virtual Session

For those residing outside of my travel scope and/or people reactive dogs:


30 minute session includes going over your dogs health history, personalized and guided massage techniques, applicable stretches.

$50 CAD

Comfort Care Massage
Palliative/ Hospice

These sessions are for our beloved pets that have limited days or weeks after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. In the comfort of your home or another safe place you choose, a relaxing massage will be provided for the relief, support and peace your loved one deserves.

$70 CAD

Health & Wellness Workshop

Interactive Group Learning:


I travel to your facility where we do a Half day workshop covering the importance of bodywork and injury prevention, supplements, warm ups & cool downs for any sport, passive stretches vs active stretches (examples and when to use them), strengthening and balance exercises, hands on instruction and guidance for all activities.

Individual bodywork sessions can be added after the workshop. 

Perfect for dog clubs, training groups, training facilities, canine enthusiasts.

Please contact for pricing

*If your dog is currently under the care of a veterinarian, clearance will be required before bodywork can be started*

*Travel Fees may apply*


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