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Atilla & Wonder


Working along side your dog's current health care team, K9 Muscleworks is dedicated to improving and maintaining your dog's muscular health to optimize their physical and mental well-being through body work.

Your dog deserves it!

Specializing in massage therapy

* Massage therapy is not a replacement for veterinary care *


My name is Angie and I'm a CCBW certified and insured body worker.

I'm also a member of IEBWA-Small Animal Division.

I have been crazy about dogs for as long as I can remember.

I first became involved in dog sports with my "heart dog" Wonder, a Border Collie x Staffordshire terrier. We played some fly-ball, barn hunt, dock diving and later began training and competing in agility. It was during this time that I realized how important it was to maintain my dogs overall body condition to keep her in top form. Not only keeping her fit for all the activities, but also taking care of her afterwards so that she could continue to be active for many years to come. I currently train and compete in IGP (Schutzhund) with my German Shepherd, D-Rex.

My goal is to make your pet comfortable and feeling their best. I strive to expand my knowledge in this field and believe in the importance of continuing education to keep up to date on the latest in the industry. I attend classes/courses that I feel will benefit my clients.


Using canine massage, a non-invasive therapy, to manipulate soft tissue helping to keep your dog flexible and mobile at any age. This is a complimentary treatment to veterinary care.

Massage therapy does not cure any ailment, but will improve your dogs mobility/range of motion and relieve pain or discomfort(arthritis/dysplasia) among other benefits which include:

  • alleviate discomfort during growth spurts

  • relieve muscle strains/spasms

  • enhance circulation and immunity function

  • help reduce the effects of muscle atrophy

Whether you're looking for pro-active therapy, maintenance care, sports massage or palliative care for an aging dog - Your dog deserves it!


  • Canine Anatomy & Behaviour

  • Caninology Canine Body Worker Certificate (300+ hours hands on course+externship) through CIECBW.

  • Advanced Canine Palpation (instructed by Dr. Sabine Mai, DVM MAS MSc CCRP)

  • Canine Kinesio Taping (instructed by Dr. Sabine Mai, DVM MAS MSc CCRP)

  • Canine Therapeutic Exercises (instructed by Dr. Sabine Mai, DVM MAS MSc CCRP)

  • Caninology Canine Myofascial Release Techniques Level One, Level Two (instructed by Ruth Mitchell-Golladay, PT)

  • Canine Emergency First Aid (certified through Canine Health Canada)

  • Nutraceuticals: Supplementation for Agility/ Sporting dogs (webinar with Dr. Debra A. Canapp, DVM, DACVSMR, CCRT, CVA)

  • Iliopsoas Strains: Common in Humans and dogs (webinar with Dr. Sherman O. Canapp, Jr., DVM, MS, CCRT)


Azelle & Atilla


*PLEASE NOTE there will be a $25 charge for cancelling your appointment within 24 hours or A NO SHOW*

Initial Consultation

First time clients:


1 hour session includes a full history of your dog, Static and dynamic assessment, full body work, applicable stretches and home care recommendations. Session Report.


Maintenance Session

Returning clients:


45 minute Follow-up assessment, bodywork, applicable stretches and home care recommendations. Session Report.


Puppy Session

Under 6 months of age:


Get your puppy used to being handled for regular sessions as well as any situations you may require such as grooming or veterinary care.


Relieve muscle tension from "growing pains".


Individual Virtual Session

For those residing outside of my travel scope and/or people reactive dogs:


30 minute session includes going over your dogs health history, personalized and guided massage techniques, applicable stretches.

$50 CAD

Please contact me via email or social media to schedule a virtual session.

Therapeutic Exercise Session

Returning clients:

(must have already had an initial consultation with me)


30 minute sessions for dogs and their owners needing extra help with stretches or strengthening/balance exercises (with or without equipment) that compliment your dogs current sport/activity level.

Help training to use a treadmill or use my treadmill at my location.

*(Not for dogs with illness, disease or injury affecting their physical function/well being.)


Health & Wellness Workshop

Interactive Group Learning:


I travel to your facility where we do a Half day workshop covering the importance of bodywork and injury prevention, supplements, warm ups & cool downs for any sport, passive stretches vs active stretches (examples and when to use them), strengthening and balance exercises, hands on instruction and guidance for all activities.

Individual bodywork sessions can be added after the workshop. 

Perfect for dog clubs, training groups, training facilities, canine enthusiasts.

Please contact for pricing

*If your dog is currently under the care of a veterinarian, clearance from the veterinarian will be required before bodywork can be started*

*Travel Fees may apply*




Contact Me

Mobile services available in Edmonton, Calgary & surrounding areas | Tel: 780-708-3210

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