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Joint Supplements for Dogs

Discover the Importance of Joint Supplements For Your Dog and Their Positive Impact

Find out if Joint Supplements would be beneficial for your pet!

Stretching a dog before competition

Do Dogs Need a Joint Supplement?

Over time, performing repetitive motions causes micro trauma such as inflammation in the joint area and breakdown of cartilage. This starts with a loss of nutrients to the cartilage and an inability to block the inflammation cells in this area. Pain, muscle atrophy, stress on joints, joint damage, pain again. When this cycle starts, you get wear and tear on the joint cartilage which can lead to early osteoarthritis.

The purpose of these nutraceuticals is to significantly reduce or prevent that cycle. Joint protection should be natural and concentrated which provides extra health benefits to support the structure and function of the body. It will help reduce training-related joint inflammation, minimize joint cartilage break and support optimal muscle growth by protecting those joints. Keep in mind, that once the cartilage is damaged, repairing the joint can be very difficult if at all possible therefore, joint care is crucial.

When looking for joint supplements for dogs, it should contain effective active ingredients (glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, H.A). Too many fillers can actually diminish the effectiveness of the product. Ingredients should come from ethical sources and should be all-natural, your dog deserves the best!

The ingredients in the product should be backed by scientific research with evidence that it works, such as the ingredients mentioned, there have been many studies on the effectiveness of this combination. Dosage at therapeutic levels is important. Low concentrations of the nutrients make for a weaker product and worse value for your money.

Help your dogs joints by minimizing cartilage break down by providing them with a good quality joint supplement following this guide.

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